Do Not Miss An Opportunity

Saturday. 19th January, 2019

We see there are lots of active members, but we also see lots of people who have registered but have not bought any shares.

This is an opportunity for you to own a share or two. You can buy a share for just $3 to test the service, and if you are satisfied, you can then gradually increase your shares until you build the wealth you want.

If at all you need any help getting started, get in touch with us and we will give you the necessary support to enable you start without delay.

We wish you a nice day/evening.

Almost Fully Funded

Friday. 18th January, 2019

We are happy to announce to you that the Modern Gas Station In Puebla, Mexico. Paying 3.5% Daily for 30 Days And 83% Capital Back On Expiration. (188.00%) is almost fully funded.

As at this time of writing, the business has successfully raised almost all the funds needed.

The business needed $180,000 and has successfully raised $178,476. What is needed now to fully complete the funding is just $1524.

We wish to use this opportunity to invite everyone to get their shares before this business is fully funded. Once funded, you will no longer be able to buy any more shares from it. You will continue to receive your profits from it until the expiration of the shares.

Get some shares now without delays.

You can buy shares as many times and several times daily. And you can use Perfect Money, Payeer, or BitCoin.

Do contact us if you have any questions.

BitCoin Withdrawals & A Message To Monitor Services

Friday. 18th January, 2019

Those using BitCoin should ensure when withdrawing money to withdraw $2.5 or higher. $3 is actually recommended for speedy processing. Please take note.

With Perfect Money or Payeer, you can withdraw $1 or higher, and the money is instantly credited into your account without delay.

Message To Monitor Services
If you are the administrator of any monitor service and you have made investments, note that payments at TracerWealth.Com are instant. So visit TracerWealth.Com, login, and carry out a withdrawal. And ensure that you make regular withdrawals to keep your readers constantly updated. take note.

Anyone that joins TracerWealth.Com and refers others to join or invest in TracerWealth.Com, are automatically credited, so ensure to login to make a withdrawal. If you are a monitor service that did not receive any monitor payment from us, you can still benefit greatly if you make a small investment of $2 or $3 and then focus on referring others to earn huge commission daily. We might consider the active ones for support payments later when we see how much traffic comes from your site to TracerWealth.Com

We wish you a nice day.

Job Vacancy

Friday. 18th January, 2019

We have 2 job positions available. You may apply for any of the jobs if you qualified in any of the following:

1. Support Person:
Are you able to type quickly, and speak fluent English?
We are in need of someone to work as a support person responding to customers inquiries both on email support requests and on live chat. And the person also will handle our facebook and Telegram updates.

2. Computer Programmer.
We are in need of a computer programmer who is familiar with the following languages: Javascript, Mysql, Php, css, html.
The person will be required to perform support work for our main programmer. Jobs will be assigned to you and you are expected to work on them and deliver as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned job positions, please send your CV or application to [email protected]

Have a lovely day.

Getting Sold Out

Wednesday. 16th January, 2019

This is to inform you that the Modern Gas Station In Puebla, Mexico. Paying 3.5% Daily For 30 Days And 83% Capital Back On Expiration (Total return 188%) is getting sold out.

More than 66% of the funds required have been funded. You might use this time to have a closer look, and possibly buy a few shares.

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